Chile film shot with mobile phones screens

The first Chilean film shot with mobile phones – 09 La Pelicula – is a suspense movie produced by Martin Carcamo and filmed with the telephones of its leading characters.


“Three (mobile) phones are filming at the same time during the movie,” Carcamo said in an interview with EFE.

Carcamo, a television host, is making his debut as a screenwriter and executive producer with this creation.

The film, hyperrealistic in style, tells the story from the subjective points of view of Carolina, played by actress Juanita Ringeling, Andrea (Isidora Cabezon) and Florencia (Catalina Gonzalez).

“It’s a different kind of story, a little dirty in style and was filmed by the actresses themselves,” Carcamo said.

The plot follows the experiences of three journalism students who shut themselves up in a house to work on a university project, when suddenly police warn them that just a few kilometres away, a couple has been murdered.

The college girls, forced to stay in the house, decide to do a report on the psychological processes they suffer throughout that day.

“It’s a realistic film that could really have happened. Youths use their mobile phones to make videos of themselves at a party or when they’re engaged in some activity, but these girls are filming each other during an entire day,” said Carcamo, who took part in the production of Gloria, a prizewinning movie at the Berlin International Film Festival.

09 La Pelicula, the first work by director Javier Aguirrezabal, will screen in Chilean cinemas starting March 13. Its creators foresee the movie doing the rounds of international film festivals in the near future.

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